Why Am I Here?

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You’re the cutting edge of consciousness, something-like 13 billion years of evolution in human form. This is as close to fact as any facts are. If that story doesn’t work for you, I’ve got more. Stars exploded & BANG you’re it, a cosmic joke, Adam met Eve, your mother met your father, you’re a reincarnation of Buddha.


I like this one: You’re here because your soul decided to co-create with the infinite. You’re here because you were never not going to be. You’re here because all that is has been aligning for this moment. You’re here because on a molecule level you’ll never not be.


You are here to create your own meaning, unravel the depths of yourself, to let your soul express itself for a while. You’re here to heal the wounds of your lineage, to evolve, to meet your spirit guides, your god, your whatever-you-like-to-call-what-is-true-for-you. You’re here to create an insatiable desire for the unexplainable. You’re here to love hard & defend what you believe in & worship whatever you chose to worship. You’re here to live a beautiful, unexplainable, fleeting, big life on a planet floating through space. You’re here to be all that you are & more & the more is completely up to you. You’re here to love & laugh & enjoy sweet pleasures & you’re also here to rage & fuck & scream & suffer & break & heal & break again. You’re here to feel the magnitude of all that it is to be a human in the world. You’re here to do something that will inspire & shift & affect the world with those feelings you have. (You’re doing it anyway, even if you never think about it, even if you never buy into the “changing the world” cliché, you’re still doing it, in every day, every thought, every action, in every breath, you’re creating change. You’re the butterfly flapping its wings.)


You’re here for the day the question evolves from WHY AM I HERE to what & who & how. For the day you ask yourself what will I do with my precious hours in this always-almost-ending lifetime? Who will I be in the face of all that is? How will I choose to be here?

Jennifer Chardon1 Comment