Why Do I Feel Guilty Over The Fact I Struggle?

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You are part of a unique and privileged group that has a truly blessed first-world crisis. All your basic needs are being met & you have all the choices in the world. You still suffer because you’re human & this is vital to your evolution. The guilt comes because you’re comparing insides to outsides. You’re judging your pain. You feel your struggles aren't "real problems" in the face of the world. 

As a culture we're told so many things about how we should & shouldn’t feel. Just be grateful, it won't matter in ten years, there are starving children in Africa, etc. While these perspectives are so important, often these kinds of responses invalidate our suffering & cause us to try to ignore & diminish our own pain. Which only leads to more suffering. You tell yourself, at least I’m not starving & you eat your over-priced salad & still ache over what you’re aching over & then feel guilty about it. 

Feeling guilty for having your human experience is like starting every conversation you ever have with: sorry I am here. You feel guilty because at least part of you believes you shouldn’t be where you are. 

Your pain is real & valid & important, no matter how big or small it appears in the midst of several billion other humans. You feel guilty because you believe it isn’t. Pain & suffering are never comparable. Your work is less about figuring out why & more about letting go of these beliefs. The suffering is an ally, it will help you get to the place that becomes your healing & ultimately the way in which you grow to best serve yourself & the world. Let your struggles bring you to the point where you can show up without apology, saying this is where I am, here.

Jennifer ChardonComment