I couldn’t skip this cliché. Come on, four places at one time? For someone who always wants to be everywhere, this is my jam. The monument is seriously remote. It was windy and the restroom doors didn’t lock. I drove for four hours yesterday, and really didn’t get very far. It’s freezing in New Mexico, literally, it was 30 degrees (-1c) when I woke up. I haven’t felt cold like this in a long time. I picked up a box of my stuff I left in an attic two and a half years ago, mostly winter clothes, a lot of socks, a perfume I used to wear. (Baby Doll – who was I?!) Today I’m wearing all of it. I feel like a character from a story I made up. I’m dressed as the girl leaving New York to move to Hawaii. I’m dressed to ditch these winter clothes and go Chasing Summer. I’ve missed her. She walked away truly believing she could be everywhere at once. (at Four Corners Monument)

Jennifer ChardonComment