I’m learning to be more grounded. You know, like those earthy people. Tree spirits, old souls. I can relate, I have been around forever, though I will never be one of those who tread lightly in the world. I have learnt this about myself through all the times I have tried to be. I am intense mostly, and when I’m not I’m so calm I wonder if it’s possible to meditate myself into someone else entirely. It’s hard to believe I am all the things I am. All the contradictions, contained in this body. I spend a lot of time among the stars, the sky. The infinity of the universe is my drug of choice. I have so much power there. My imagination thrives on it. I carve out whole people and make lives with them out of cosmic dust. Sometimes it’s hard when they exist only there. And not here, not on this climb into the center of the earth, not on this journey to the inside of myself. (at Bright Angel Trail - Grand Canyon)

Jennifer ChardonComment