In the mornings before I meditate I put on “After The Storm” by Mumford & Sons. I make the entire song an indulgence where I allow myself to think about the past. I replay specific moments and conversations and feelings. I play out a four-minute montage, cramming in all these things that happened. And then it’s over and I’m on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific. I try to sit in silence for as long as I can. I’m consciously working on selecting my thoughts. I want to get better at letting go.

One of the guys here follows the path of Vedanta. Everyday we spend time discussing awareness. He says we’re all just part of the field, it moves us, flows through us. There is nothing we can do about it. The field is another way of saying the Devine. We went snorkeling out in a small bay today. We couldn’t talk with our faces in the water. I was glad for the break. I love the conversations but they’re intense and often turn into debates. But The Buddha, Karma, The Law of Attraction… I always have an argument. We swam with a school of huge yellow fish.

Someone told me after you see enough sunsets here you don’t notice them anymore. I made a pact with myself, I will always notice. Everything, including sunsets.

The gardens here give so muchpassion fruit. More than we can eat. Everyone has been talking about the New Moon and manifestations. Again, I’m trying to be careful with my thoughts. The bananas will be ripe soon, I’m told we’ll each be eating ten a day. I bought some coconut milk so I can make banana and passion fruit smoothies.

A few times I’ve put the song on at night, when I’m writing or about to go to sleep. I’m the best at breaking my own rules. I don’t even know why I’ve chosen this song. But it suits. I guess it just came on one day at the right moment. Probably in a coffee shop. 

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