The Art of Leaving


I always imagine leaving as an art. I often think of this John Green quote. I try to be graceful. I try to be nonchalant and casual about it. I try not to pack too much stuff so my bag is never too heavy and no one ever has to watch me struggle.

So, why do it? Why leave?




Because of because.

The reasons won’t fit onto this page. There aren’t enough pages in the world. Or maybe that’s not it at all. Reason can go beyond reason. There are no words and not one place to put this yearning in my chest. It reminds me of having my fingers out an open car window on the highway. It’s something you feel only with your eyes closed. You feel it with a part of your soul.

It’s never about where you are going or why you’re going there. There are better questions to ask.

I promised someone I will be back. I crossed my heart and I hoped to die. I don’t promise lightly.