There are a lot of things I don’t understand. Politics is one of those things. I ignore it as much as I can. I want to know everything about everything, except this. I have been blessed enough to have never personally felt the direct effects of an unjust government. I am among the most privileged - a young, educated, white woman with two passports. There is nothing I cannot do, no place I cannot go. Sometimes I grasp onto the unfairness that is this world. I am both grateful and sorry.

In spite of all the things I don’t know, (if my vote actually goes anywhere, if the whole system is rigged, if the energy of my soul is eternal) what I do know is that ignorance is bliss until it isn’t anymore. There is a line between ignoring the state of this shit show in favor of watching sunsets and reading great works of fiction, and publicly declaring my fear for the state of humanity. (When do we find out this whole election is a prank gone awfully wrong? That our fears were all for nothing? When is The-Truman-Show-moment, where we realize this isn’t real and we get to leave?)

My vote is my line