This road is long. I’m trying to make every mile count. I’ve learnt it takes more energy to resist feelings than to just go ahead and feel them. I’m trying to put this into practice. I’m doing this between stopping to snap pictures of Route 66 signs and locating gas station bathrooms. Today I let myself go for it. I set up the soundtrack (Damien Rice, Tom Waits, The Avett Brothers) for my daydream of all daydreams. The one that won’t go away no matter how I attempt to live my life without it. I filled in the details, took it as far as I could. I lived in it for 174 miles before I stopped at a kitschy diner and ordered pancakes. They were playing nondescript radio inside and it felt like a favor. When I got back into the car, my feelings found another realm. I walked into the apartment where I no longer live and made a poem with the magnets on the fridge. The pancakes were too sweet but the coffee was bitter, so I made it work. For the next 115 miles I drove in silence. I will keep doing it just like this. I will pair the sweet and the bitter, always. I will keep driving. I will make it work. I will feel everything. (at Route 66 Albuquerque)

Jennifer ChardonComment