When I drove into Memphis I didn’t know it was the weekend of the Beale Street Music Festival. I didn’t know that everyone in Memphis plus a hundred thousand other people would be there. I immediately had no interest in going. I’d been driving for a long time and truthfully, I’m getting really tired. Plus, I already had plans. I was going to drink one beer at a bar called Rum Boogie Café and eat deep fried tomatoes and listen to whatever blues band was there and then have an early night. There is a part of me that is eternally twenty-one, living only for one night at a time. You know, those kind of nights where there is nothing but the night. This girl bought a half price ticket from a scalper outside Rum Boogie Café and rain boots from the back of someone’s trunk on her way down to the Mississippi riverfront. In the crowd I met a couple who had their first date twenty years ago in Central Park at a Paul Simon concert. I love a love story. We danced together, ankle deep in the mud as he sang Graceland. (at Beale Street Music Festival)